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How to Know What He Really Wants

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How to Know What He Really Wants

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Rendezvous Cosmeto | How to Know What He Really Wants | Misunderstanding is one of the main causes of relationship breakups. This is because one party never understands what it is the other party wants. They do not understand what the other expects of him or her. As a result, they tend to argue over simple issues just because one did something that did not please the other. Therefore, mutual understanding is one major factor that can healthily build your relationship. 

I know it is not possible to read a man’s mind; many women complain of this. However, there are ways in which one can learn exactly what it is the man expects of him or her. It simply takes a few tips and you will be in a position to provide exactly what it is the man wants. One of the most popular ways of knowing exactly what the man wants is by simply asking him. Try and bring up a topic about him in the midst of your conversations and let him open up. All in all, men hate intrusive women. So be as indirect as possible. Do not ask him “what do you expect from me”. Instead ask him what his thoughts are. This way he will be more open.

Also, you have to be very observant. Actions always speak louder than words. Keenly observe his way of reacting; what makes him happy, angry or sad. Listen to his tone of voice when discussing certain issues. Look at how he talks to some people. Understanding his body language and his tonal variation will really tell you a lot about him. Also as an observation, look at your male friends. Male friends are very influential to women since they normally show exactly what your man might be thinking of you. As you know, men think alike. Therefore, your male friends’ thoughts will be the same as your man’s thoughts. Use them as assets to educate you on how your man thinks. Ask them some issues that might be bothering you relating to your husband. They will surely help you. 

Finally, open up to your man. It is obvious that the man also doers not figure you out. In that case, do not know what he wants if he will not give you what you want. Tell him exactly what you want from him and what you do not want from him. In return, he will also open up and the two of you will reach a mutual agreement.  

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